This is a site of WAFFL Blood Bowl League. What is the WAFFL? Simply put, the Western Australian Fantasy Football League. The site focuses on the Blood Bowl aspect, and will be home to all of the sanctioned WAFFL Blood Bowl leagues, such as, but not limited to, the West Coast League, KBBL and HBL.

Each of these leagues will have their own rules, which must be adhered to in order to take part in that league. By signing up for any league on this site, you agree to all conditions imposed by that league's Senior Commissioner.

Coaches without Borders

The WAFFL is not aligned with any physical location or club. For the greater part, the WAFFL exists to provide a communal hub for coaches to come together online to manage their shared hobby.

Having said that, we do love when coaches share their hobby and play at clubs. It helps to promote the game with other like minded players who may be interested.

When considering playing at a club, we strongly suggest that you get in touch with somebody from the club to ask about open times and days. The WAFFL does not wish to speak on behalf of these clubs, so we are not in a position to advise on which clubs are open on which days.

We can advise that there are some good places to check - I'd Crit That tend to use the boards at crit.boards.net whilst other clubs such as KRAGS and PNH use Facebook.


The Triumvirate:
WAFFL Administrator: Watto
WAFFL Head Commissioner: frostie
Commissioner of Compliance: Brunificus

League Senior Commissioners:
KRAGS Blood Bowl League: Hakon
Herd Bowl League: Darthproph
West Coast League: frostie

To join the site please contact the Head Commissioner [frosthammer73@hotmail.com]. To sign up with a league, please contact the relevant league Head Commissioner.

If your coach account has been suspended/deactivated, please contact the Head Commissioner to begin the process to activate your coach account.

This is not an official Games Workshop site!
Many words and images on this page are trademarks of Games Workshop Limited, and used without permission - no challenge to their status is intended.

Jan. 29th, 2020
WAFFL The "How To" Series
With the new league seasons having just started or kicking off soon, I created a quick How To series about some basics for using the WAFFL website.

WAFFL The "How To" Series - How to recruit your team

WAFFL The "How To" Series - How to join a league

WAFFL The "How To" Series - How to change a player's roster position

The WAFFL site:

#WAFFL #bloodbowl #NuffleVult
- frostie
Jan. 18th, 2020
WCL Season 7 Power Rankings Preseason Revised
With the rejigging of the WCL with a swap out of teams, we have a new revised preseason power rankings video from the stinky dwarf. Enjoy!

- frostie
Jan. 17th, 2020
Deactivated Accounts
With the passing of the deadline for 2020 WAFFL Annual Registration, all coaches who haven't completed the registration process have been deactivated.

If you wish to reactivate your account, please contact the Head Commissioner at:
- frostie
Jan. 16th, 2020
WCL Power Rankings Season 7 Pre Season
A new year, a new season of the West Coast League. Must be time for a pre-season power rankings video!

- frostie
Jan. 15th, 2020
Last day for Annual Registration!
Hello Coaches,

A reminder that today is the last day to complete your 2020 Annual Registration. You will have a received an email about this in the last day or so.
- frostie

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WCL S6 Champions
KBBLS3 Champions
HBL s3 Champions

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WCL S7, Three
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BYD SWOBBL 2020, round 1
  2    Slavers Bay Raiders
  1    Spleenrot Splinters

WCL S7, Four
  2    Golden 13
  0    Ladies of the Void

BYD SWOBBL 2020, round 1
  2    Baliverne d'Elven
  2    El-Fish Nation

WCL S7, Three
  0    Counting Chickens
  3    Grimbles Groinbit...

BYD SWOBBL 2020, round 1
  0    Hexoatl Sun Serpe...
  2    Livemire Redz
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