Hell'Eh Rams

Race:  Chaos Chosen
Coach:  Fanglord13
Home Ground: Hell'Eh Colossal Mausoleum
Head Coach: <currently vacant>
Owner: Stan Kroaker

Having moved all over the Old World, The Rams have finally returned to Hell'Eh on the far west of the Chaos Wastes. Known for caring more about gang violence and big Kabelvision stars than Blood Bowl, the Rams hope to change that with their smash mouth brand of play and maybe even return to "The Greatest Show on Astrogranite"

Owned by the richest Slaan in all the land, Stan Kroaker, the pay will be good for those who perform well

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Bulletin board from the coach
Feb. 11th, 2017 - old news
Point Peron Hydras out pointed
In an excellent first start, the Hell'Eh Rams have thoroughly despatched the Point Peron Hydras 4-1, taking some names along the way.

After conceding an early TD, the Rams never looked back as they steamrolled through the fragile elf lines to storm to victory. Despite the relative ease of the win, a late sacrifice was called for as Nag Oxform took a trip to the great free agency pool in the sky.

The games top scorer, Jed Farfog, has been developing his passing game leading forward and Og Bringerson appears to have taken leaps and bounds on his ball handling game.

The next match against the Chihuahua's is also likely to be a bloody affair
- Fanglord13
Tournaments played:
KBBL 2017 S1
Trophies won:


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