Kingsbane Broncos

Race:  Chaos Dwarf
Coach:  Watto
The Kingsbane Broncos were one of the first Chaos Dwarf teams accepted into the expanded Normal Super Well Real Footballers League (NSWRFL). They enjoyed great early success and became one of the dominant teams of the league. With the new found dominance and dislike of the trends of the NSWRFL, the Broncos played a significant role in starting the Super League Wars. They now compete in the unified Notional Rugby League (NRL) but play in side leagues like the WAFFL. The Broncos training facility and club house are based beneath Red Hill.

Kingsbane Broncos team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
May 29th, 2017 - old news
Broncos not the best Trotters
The Kingsbane Broncos have fallen short in their efforts for a championship against the defending champions and equally talented team in the Harlequin Globetrotters.

The match plan was pretty simple from the Broncos, hit hard and protect the ball. Neither parts of those plans were executed well by the Broncos in the early stages of the match.

The Broncos were able to get a few Knock-outs early, however they still weren't holding the ball well, twice having the ball knocked free, and only saved by the fact that the Globetrotters were unable to capitalise.

The Broncos eventually regathered the ball and got themselves down the field and scored the opening TD. From there they were still able to hold out the Globetrotters before halftime.

The second half was going to be a similar game plan. The Broncos knew it would be unlikely to keep the Globetrotters scoreless after not injuring enough of them.

The Globetrotters got their expected equalizer, however from here, the Broncos began pushing their opponents rather than knocking them over. This helped the Globetrotters get into a good position and turnover the ball once again. This time however the Globetrotters were able to take advantage and score the go ahead TD.

The Broncos had a very unlikely chance right at the end of the match to drag it to overtime, however the failure to pick up the ball meant they didn't even get to try the long bomb and fell short of glory.
- Watto
May 13th, 2017 - old news
Broncos trample over the Sands
The Kingsbane Broncos have secured a birth in the WAFFL Open Season 2 Grand Final with a convincing win against the Restless Sands despite very few games played through the season..

The Broncos were the heavy favourites heading into the match, but the Sands brought some things to try even the ledger, with a Wizard and Johnny Waterboy in the dugout, plenty of Friendly Fans in the crowd and a Rakarth's Curse of Petty Spite cast upon the Thrustin Wedges.

The Sands were the first to receive and were clearly intimidated with their disappointing display of blocking early on. The Broncos took advantage of their poor blocking technique and showed just how savage they could be with 4 casualties caused in the first 3 turns, with only one player Regenerating and a Tomb Guardian being Killed.

With a lack of numbers to support themselves, the Broncos were able to push unimpeded to the ball carrier with the Minotaur knocking the ball free.

Once it was free it wasn't long before it was knocked around on the ground, before being pushed to the Minotaur who quickly scooped it up.

The Sands coach quickly called for the Wizard to cast a Fireball, however it knocked over 2 players without the ball, only Knocking Out a hobgoblin, but leaving the Minotaur still standing with the ball.

From here the Minotaur decided it was his responsibility to score, which he happily did.

Into the second half, the Broncos had a heavy numbers advantage as Johnny Waterboy didn't really encourage many players back.

Knowing the handling of the Sands left a lot to be desired, the Broncos got cocky with their target for their next TD, sending the Minotaur into the endzone and throwing the ball to him many times.

Whilst the Minotaur was struggling to catch the ball again, the Broncos kept bashing away at the Sands players, Killing another Tomb Guardian and injuring 7 players in total.

With mere moments left in the match, the Broncos again tried to get the Minotaur another TD, and as the siren sounded, he successfully caught the ball and ended the match 2-0 for the Broncos.
- Watto
July 6th, 2016 - old news
Broncos become Kings of the Tombs
The Kingsbane Broncos have played their second game of the season against one of the oldest opponents possible in the form of the Chenai Super Tomb Kings.

The Broncos started the game in amazing fashion by coming and and hitting unlike any other game they've played so far.

The Broncos were hitting that hard that it hardly seemed like their opponents had remembered to put their armour on when they walked onto the pitch.

Through the first half the Broncos were able to cause 5 casualties and 5 Knock Outs leaving just one Tomb King on the pitch when they eventually decided to score.

Due to their powerful hitting and also the potential of chainsaw from the star player Hack Enslash coming onto the field, the Broncos tried all they could to ensure he had limited opportunities. Thankfully their game plan worked out, as when Hack Enslash got onto the pitch just prior to half time, he was able to Knock Out a Broncos player before he was spotted by the ref and ejected from the game.

The second half saw the Tomb Kings regroup and play like they were actually meant to from the start of the game. The Tomb Kings made the slightest of breaks, but it was enough once their Thro-Ra sent the ball well down field with a Hail Mary Pass.

With the scores now level, the Broncos had to make sure of their final drive to get the win. A touchback and an unexpected injury, due to being Blitzed, forced the Broncos to change their plans. With the opportunity to have the ball in the hands of the any player, the Broncos went with the unexpected move of putting the ball in the hands of Chaos Dwarf Gosh DaWire.

The Broncos played a little unconventional play from here to get him free, but it all paid off when he was able to break away into the backfield and score the winning TD right on the siren, sealing a 2-1 win for the Broncos.
- Watto
July 3rd, 2016 - old news
Broncos prove they are the Chosen Ones
The Kingsbane Broncos have been able to work out a deal with the coach of The Scaled Chosen Ones to line up what they thought might be an unlikely match.

After a solid season in the first WAFFL season, the Broncos thought they might struggle to find opponents through the second season. However there has been an opponent gutsy enough to step up and they stepped up early.

The Chosen Ones showed early they may indeed be the favoured ones when they unleashed a Fireball from their Wizard right from the kick-off. The Fireball was quite effective, knocking down the Minotaur, Stunning a Chaos Dwarf and injuring a Claw Chaos Dwarf.

This early favour continued for the Chosen Ones through the first half with star players effectively using their tools, whether it be a chainsaw or a shiv to cause more Broncos players to be removed from the game.

The Chosen Ones were shown by Nuffle though that his favour only lasts so long. The Chosen Ones held off when they had an opportunity to run deep into the Broncos backfield with the ball, trying instead to continue to cause casualties. The Broncos rallied when they saw their opportunity though, and managed to pick up the loose ball themselves and run away to score against the run of play in the first half. This ensure the Broncos headed into the break with the lead.

The second half however saw the Broncos manage to get the ascendancy with numbers. The Broncos continued to pressure the Chosen Ones and started to creep back and overtake the Chosen Ones for casualties caused.

The Broncos were able to combine this with also Knocking Out their opponents to see the Chosen Ones only having 4 players on the pitch by the end of the drive.

Whilst the Chosen Ones didn't give up, and pushed the Broncos hard to ear their second TD, they were undone by the numbers advantage against them.

The Broncos once into space, made sure of the result and pushed for the extra TD as quickly as they could.

With a few minutes remaining in the game, the Chosen Ones looked to make some sort of a comeback, if they could get some players back. Unfortunately for them though, no Knocked Out player could recover in time, and they were unable to gain any sort of momentum. meaning the Broncos won the match 2-0.
- Watto
Tournaments played:
WAFFL Open, WAFFL Open: S2
Playing in:
W.C.L. Season 5
Trophies won:
2nd place: WAFFL Open: S2
3rd place: WAFFL Open



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