Kingsbane Broncos

Race:  Chaos Dwarf
Coach:  Watto
The Kingsbane Broncos were one of the first Chaos Dwarf teams accepted into the expanded Normal Super Well Real Footballers League (NSWRFL). They enjoyed great early success and became one of the dominant teams of the league. With the new found dominance and dislike of the trends of the NSWRFL, the Broncos played a significant role in starting the Super League Wars. They now compete in the unified Notional Rugby League (NRL) but play in side leagues like the WAFFL. The Broncos training facility and club house are based beneath Red Hill.

Kingsbane Broncos team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Feb. 3rd, 2020
Broncos leave their own Trail of Dead
The Kingsbane Broncos have taught their foolish cousins a lesson in Blood Bowl after pushing through a little scare and securing the 1-0 win.

The TTOD came and spent their money from the inducements, bringing out a Deathroller and hiring Flint Churnblade as well as some bribes and wandering apothecaries.

It gave the TTOD some courage and the decided to receive from the kick-off. They started keen as well, pushing their way downfield, however it all came unstuck when Flint couldn't control his chainsaw and took his own head off.

After this the TTOD danced around trying to avoid being hit, but they slowly fell away on the numbers and it wasn't long before the Broncos were able to knock the ball free, collect it up themselves and score right at the end of the half to take the lead.

In the second half, the Deathroller was conveniently ignored by the referee which helped the TTOD believe they were still in with a shot. And after a little stutter by the Broncos, they pushed down some pressure on the Broncos.

The Broncos decided to try pass their way out of trouble, however the TTOD plucked the ball out of the sky, intercepting it and making a break for it.

Being dwarves though, they were too slow to get away and were caught soon after. Whilst they weren't able to score themselves, they were able to stop the Broncos getting another score to keep the game close.
- Watto
Jan. 24th, 2020
Broncos block out the Sunz
The Kingsbane Broncos have continued a successful start to the season with a hard fought win over the Crimson Sunz, and managing to keep them scoreless at the same time, winning 2-0.

After starting with 2 journeyman and seeing a stack of mercenaries line up for the Sunz, the Broncos realised the importance of bashing hard to sort some sort of advantage.

The Broncos received first and managed to slowly remove Sunz from the pitch, mainly into the KO bin though and very few casualties. It was enough to give the Broncos a comfortable first TD which they scored right near the half time break.

After half time the Sunz got themselves a numbers advantage early, but stuttered in their push to get the ball downfield. But with a small opening, Thrustin Wedges Blitzed the ball free and soon after recovered the ball.

With ball in hand, the Broncos were able to streak downfield and seal the game with a second touchdown on the siren.
- Watto
Jan. 19th, 2020
Broncos Batting 100 for the season
The Kingsbane Broncos have made a successful return to the WCL with a tough win in Sweltering Heat against the much less fancied Vampire team Batting Off.

The match was a grudge match between the coaches who have quite a history, and whilst coached Jinxed wasn't thinking himself a serious chance with his rookie team, he pushed hard for as positive a result as he could. The help of a Halfling Master Chef, a Wizard and Wilhelm Chaney among other things.

Whilst the weather helped keep the crowd away, the Broncos still had a healthy crowd at the season opening event and looked to just take it easy through the first half so not to suffer from the heat too much.

But they didn't have it all their own way, suffering some casualties and some accurate fireballs to disrupt their drive, but ultimately, they were still able to score and take the 1-0 lead.

At the start of the match the crowd were obviously agitated from the heat and Rioted, but as the half was coming to an end, they obviously decided they wanted to see a full match, so Rioted again. It didn't help the Batting though as the score remained 1-0

In the second half though, the Sweltering Heat, Knockouts and Injuries had played their part in reducing the numbers of the Broncos as they were only able to field 6 players. Despite this they pushed the Batting to the limit and nearly caused a turnover, but missed out and ultimately weren't able to stop them scoring, levelling the game.

But with a quarter of the game remaining, the heat abated and the Broncos were able to get more players on the pitch, enough to ensure they could protect the ball and devote the victory right on the siren, winning 2-1.
- Watto
June 7th, 2019 - old news
Broncos stampede to Fabulous victory
The Kingsbane Broncos have lived up to the bookies expectations by winning the WCL S5 Grand Final against a gallant Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers outfit that just didn't get firing.

The Broncos managed to sell every possible ticket they could with their seat allocations completely exhausted and creating a great atmosphere at the Broncos home stadium.

And with a solid crowd behind them, the Broncos figured their best plan was to secure the ball and play a controlled game where they moved the ball with plenty of teammates nearby.

The Brothers were confident at the start of the match, nominating one of their gutter runners as a Star Ascendant due to his passing ability. And also looked to pin the Broncos deep early with an Inch Perfect Kick. However the Broncos found that some Brilliant Coaching got them in a good position to deal with the deep kick.

The first half wasn't exactly pretty to watch, but as the Brothers committed to the Broncos weaker edge, the Broncos were comfortably able to move to their stronger edge and cage up around the ball, slowly removing as many Brothers from the pitch as they could. Late in the first half, there were only 2 Brothers left on the pitch with many Knocked Out, which meant the Broncos scored untouched and took a 1-0 lead into the half.

The second half saw the Brothers receive and really push for a quick TD, but numerous failed pick up attempts saw them stutter before finally securing the ball and leaping away for an equalising score.

With the ball coming back to them, the Broncos again saw the Brothers push to dominate 1 side, however despite their speed, the Broncos still managed to secure a cage that reduced the Brothers chances of catching the ball carrier.

A less than inspiring display from the Broncos Minotaur meant that the cage was found to have a weak corner at 1 point, which the Brothers tried to exploit, however the superior strength of the Broncos players meant that even despite being blitzed by a strip ball gutter runner, they were able to knock him down instead before advancing up the field and watching the Brothers desperately try really for 1 final hit.

The blitz never eventuated though, which allowed the Broncos to clear the ball carrier up and stroll in for the game deciding TD.

The Broncos played a very subdued game with little creativity regarding movement of the ball throughout the match, but held the Brothers comfortably at bay for the solid win and the teams first championship.
- Watto
Tournaments played:
WAFFL Open, WAFFL Open: S2, W.C.L. Season 5
Playing in:
Trophies won:
Championship: W.C.L. Season 5
2nd place: WAFFL Open: S2
3rd place: WAFFL Open
WCL: W.C.L. Season 5





This team has suffered 1 more casualty than is recorded in case this is required at the end of the season.

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