Southshore Raiders

Race:  Orc
Coach:  Frostid
From the desolate lands of Draenor to the rolling greens through Azeroth, The Orcs have seen and battled their way through many different scenery's, none quite so strange that stands before them now, In this time of peace, brought upon them by their Leader, they now use this "Blood Bowl" to quench their thirst for combat in any means possible. While not all of them agree in this tactic of "scoring Goals" because the theory of just breaking heads just seems to good too be true

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Bulletin board from the coach
Mar. 30th, 2016 - old news
So it begins...
And we have Kickoff!!

2016 is going off rather fine.... Well as fine as is possible for these damn Greenskins who don't really want to "run the ball".... But this was expected, but for a 1 all draw I'll take what I can, I blame the fans really, too many distractions and a whole heap of crowd surfing there was no denying their pitch control almost outnumbering the Northerners almost 2 to 1, just learning too keep their blood rage too a minimum is going too be a costly lesson when it comes to over commiting of what could have been a 3-nil flogging, but then the breaks

Biggest surprises of the game was Guldan, who would have thought an Orc could get the basic concept down of a "team" sport and actually throw a ball, I actually feel he was just as surprised as myself, but after 1TD and a successful pass we are on the right track for advancement, but before that, we are heading East, too the home of the Humans, time too show these red bloods what it's like too meet the Iron Horde!!
- Frostid
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