Fingot's Fingerlicking Squibs

Race:  Goblin
Coach:  Brookesy

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Aug. 2nd, 2017 - old news
Can FFS ever be stopped? No less than 3 games into the season and even doubters like the Stinky Dwarf can't deny the great Goblin team's position as first in the world, and by extension, WCL 2.

It was a straightforward affair against the Blue Meanies with a decisive 23-0 result.

Plato the Troll was in fact so dominant that he decided of his own volition to be carried unconscious from the pitch in the second half. When the final drive commenced, most of FFS had followed Plato in his wisdom, knowing that the remaining 6 team members would be more than capable of defending the end zone.

So one sided was the match that even Epictetus concluded anything but a challenging blitz was beneath his stirring talents and he would refuse to act, even assist, his fellow team mates, out of pity for the Orcs.

Now FFS turn their heads towards Tropic Thunder and are ready to defend their title as world conquerors and anti-environmentalists.
- Brookesy
July 19th, 2017 - old news
Coach Brookesy made a dramatic aide over the bodies of Diederot and Acolyte eerm.. yup him and turned to the masses.

"These fallen heroes are the reason we are victorious today. They personally felled dozens of Elven scum gladiators before scoring all 14 of the teams touchdowns. Such stars are not easy to come by. And I expect you will each pay double entry fees to cover."

Not one eye was dry at the tale of Diederot and... that other guy's passing and the hike in prices.

"But fear not! Plato has pondered in his cave and emerged... ENLIGHTENED!!! " (the crowd blinked furiously in confusion before taking their cue to vigorously applaud).
- Brookesy
July 12th, 2017 - old news
A crowd of thousands, nay, tens of thousands, gathered to see FFS in their opening game. It wasn't quite what was anticipated. Some might even have suggested that it was a resounding loss. They would be mistaken.

"You see, our opponents trouble themselves with these details, touchdowns and the like. But that can't be quantified, not accurately anyway. The numbers are no doubt being manipulated by outside forces looking to bring us down. But they will not succeed! Tonight I have recruited more to our noble cause. Make no mistake, the trophy is ours, for a false sense of security has been established."

Fireworks blasted off all around him. No doubt the local ooligan having some fun...
- Brookesy
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