Grass Stains

Race:  Elven Union
Coach:  Jakyl

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Mar. 22nd, 2016 - old news
Coach Jakyl stood on the sidelines keeping an eye on the sorry excuses for elves that turned up for the tryouts. Eyeing them off as they did suicide sprints up and down the field.

"I can't believe not a single good player a this rate i will be lucky if they know what a ball looks like" Coach Jakyl blows his whistle and rounds up the players that haven't collapsed from exhaustion.

"Well it looks like we have 8 players who can have run without falling over but i need eleven to start a team. You six go pull three more of those sorry excuse for elves over here they can at least man the line and see if they make it through one match. If they do then they will at least earn the money i have to pay them"

Coach Jakyl waits for them team to assemble again while thinking to himself how did he end up with a team that will be lucky to survive the first game let alone win it.

"You guys sorry excuses for elves have two options on this team. You can either run, slip and slide your way to the end zone with the ball covering yourselves in grass stains or you get stomped in to the ground by the opposition and stain the grass. I would say if you are going to have to choose staining your uniforms is better than staining the grass."

"That being said i don't believe you are ready for a proper league yet so i am going to enter you in a kiddy league with people who are hopefully more useless than you are. If you can prove yourselves worthy maybe then you can move up to the big boys league. If you don't make it at least i will see you all as stains on the grass."

"Now run in pairs passing a ball between the two of you. If you drop the ball drop and give me 100!!!"

- Jakyl
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