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Feb. 14th, 2018
Billy Sanders Given letter of warning
Redrum's Coach has issued a letter of warning to the teams quarterback Billy Sanders (and by letter of warning I mean the whole team got a free punch on him at the end of their last match.) The match was hard fought but the Redrum had the upper hand in the second half. All they needed for a win was Billy to go get the ball from the open and pass it to an awaiting blitzer ready to score (also in the open). The fool having had a good match decided to be a show boat and tried to flick the ball up with his feet into his hands which ended up with the ball still on the ground and egg on his face. The next game against the rams he will have a chance to redeem himself or receive further beatings...
- DaBlackSkull
July 19th, 2017 - old news
Is No 5 Cursed!
There is a rumor spreading through out the team that the team Jersey No 5 May be cursed. In Round 1 Ernest the wise smith put on the shirt and suffered a fatal blow to the head from a troll, In Rd two Lincon the Rat Donovan donned the No 5 and suffered a horrible fate at the hands of a Nurgle Warrior, To make matters worse he now has risen again and wants to play for the opposing team.

Stay tuned for rd 3 to see if Gary Boss Man Green can not only put on the blood ripped blood stained jersey but also survive a match against some hungry hungry Vamps.
- DaBlackSkull
Tournaments played:
WCL: Season 2
Playing in:
W.C.L.: S3
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WCL: WCL: Season 2


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