Sex Panther

Race:  Amazon
Coach:  Watto
Time to Bloodbowl up!

Their called Sex Panther, by Amazon, their illegal in 9 Old Worlds. They dress with bits of real Panther, so you know they are good. They're quite pungent.

They're formidable opponents, they'll sting their opponents.

They go like pure gasoline!

They've done studies on them. 60% of the time, they win every time!

Lets see if you can make this little kitty purr.

Sex Panther team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Jan. 31st, 2018
Sometimes hard is better for Sex
Sex Panther have survived what shaped as a treacherous match-up against the Erebor Rams on the Astrogranite Pitch.

Sex had more fans for the first time, however it was the Rams fans bringing the Off-Colour Chants trying to disrupt the play of Sex, luckily the Sex fans were louder.

The Rams received first and went about bashing their way to a solid position in the match. They caused a casualty with the first block of the game and Knocked Out a large number of Sex players prior to the remaining Sex players deciding that staying laying down may be better.

The Rams weren't satisfied with this approach and tried to foul the prone Sex players. Fortunately for the Sex players, the referee saw this and removed the Slayer culprit before any serious damage could be done.

Just prior to the Rams scoring the first TD, the Sex tried a desperate hit against an unsuspecting Rams lineman with the hit being so effective that they injured the lineman.

Sex had to set-up again prior to the halftime siren, and thanks to the use of a Bloodweiser Keg, they were able to encourage more players to return to the field. The Sex again went for a surgical strike on the Rams players and found the Rams other Slayer in range for a hit. This time the Astrogranite worked in the favour of Sex, helping to break the armour and leading to the Death of the Slayer.

In the second half the Sex again encouraged more of their players back onto the pitch and this time found themselves with the numbers advantage. With the new advantage, they made a break down the sideline.

The Rams tried a Kingmaker Play to stop the Sex drive, however they only slowed it momentarily, before the Sex was able to regain momentum and score.

With the scores level, Sex were desperate to turn the Rams over ASAP and Blitzed from the kick-off, however the Rams found renewed vigour and continued to Knock-out Sex players.

With little time remaining, Sex tried a desperate Blitz and dislodged the ball, from here they used Dogged Defence to ensure that even Prone players could have an effect on the ball which meant the Rams couldn't recover the ball.

Sex used this moment to secure the ball in a tackle zone and pass to a freed up linewoman who was able to scamper away out of reach of any Rams players. Once free, Sex was able to score in the dying moments to secure the unlikely win.
- Watto
Jan. 27th, 2018
Sex gets better the second time around
Sex Panther have tasted victory for the first time and enjoyed the Bloodbowl experience the second time around after getting the 2-0 victory over The Gladiators.

Sex managed to get nearly double the fans compared to their last game, however were still outnumbered by the more heavily supported Gladiators.

Sex almost received first and enjoy having possession of the ball. Sex again invited some stars to join them, getting Helmut Wolff back after his good performance despite a short period of time on the field in the first game. Also invited was an Amazon legend, Zara the Slayer, who lived up to her name by Killing a Gladiators Line Elf.

Sex found themselves making good solid progress both in regards to causing casualties and removing Gladiators players from the pitch, plus keeping the ball fairly secure.

Sex did get turned over once though which saw the Gladiators able to collect the ball, but Sex were able to intercept the coming pass and make a break downfield. Just prior to scoring, Helmut was injured when knocked down onto his chainsaw.

The All-Out Blitz from the Gladiators early didn't stop the Sex who scored before the half time siren. The Gladiators were keen to try even the score with mere moments left and were willing to Go The Extra Mile, however a fumbled pass squander that determination.

In the second half, some Endurance Training ensured that the Sex would be all out on the field.

The Gladiators received in the second half and push deep down a sideline to finish deep within the Sex's half. With superior number however, Sex was able to surround the Gladiators, who attempted a short pass into the endzone, however fumbled the ball again.

With the ball on the ground now, Sex quickly swooped and pushed hard the other way downfield towards their own endzone. The Gladiators tried for a little while to put up some resistance, but once it appeared futile, they decided to lay in the boot instead of the opportunity arose. Sex didn't take kindly to this and the only thing that stopped the Gladiators from being cleared from the pitch, was the fact they felt scoring was more important.
- Watto
Jan. 27th, 2018
First time Sex really hurts
The Sex Panther have found that Bloodbowl is a painful game after feeling the wrath of the reigning champions, the Tennessee Tainted.

Sex hired a couple of stars to join them for the inaugural match, but it still failed to entice the fans to the match with nearly 5 times as many Tainted fans at the ground.

Roxanna Darknail and Helmut Wolff both ran onto the pitch in support of the Sex. However with the Tainted winning the toss, Helmut held off until later in the match before taking to the field.

Sex started with great vigour, Blitzing the Tainted from the first kick-off, however it wasn't long before that vigour saw the Sex starting to feel the pain. The Tainted started to casualty the Sex from early on, and despite the Sex being able to turn over the Tainted a couple of times, the weren't able to get the bounce of the ball to be favourable. As soon as they had possession, they were unable to consolidate before the Tainted were able to secure the ball back themselves.

A desperate Leap from Roxanna later in the first half nearly saw the ball free again, however a bad landing saw here get fouled soon after and sufficiently hurt that she was unable to return for this match.

Even a Rune of Unwilling Flight was unable to stop the Tainted charge, as they still managed to land on their feet.

Just prior to the half, the Tainted scored which saw Helmut forced onto the pitch. With little time to be involved, Helmut made sue his time counted, Badly Hurting a Rotter before half time.

In the second half the Sex were feeling the pressure numbers wise. Unwilling to give up, they tried desperately to pass the ball as far downfield as they could. The resulting Intercept didn't help their cause.

Even an All-Out Blitz couldn't help the Sex recover the ball as they were continually getting beaten up. The Tainted used their superior muscle to bash their way to the 2-0 victory and Sex was left licking their wound.
- Watto
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Sex Panther
Sometimes hard is better for Sex
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