Praag Sewers

Race:  Skaven
Coach:  MatCer
Here they come!
From ancient city Praag in Old Continent to dig some warpstone in WCL.
Their mission is simple: score more TD than have killed players.

Praag Sewers
Core players played:12
Lost players: 5
Journeyman played:13

SPP earned: 99
SPP taken by Merc/SPP:7
SPP lost: 4

Praag Sewers team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Nov. 26th, 2018
WCL S4 - 3rd place match
vs Sheffield Shufflers

1st half 1:1
2nd half 0:1

Sewers continue their journey through Valley of tears

Praag Sewers tried to put right their failure in semi-final, that probably brought more nervousness on their hands/claws/paws.
Although receiving, Praagites failed to catch a pas and their Gutter was crowd surfed out the pitch with ball. Fans threw a ball in the center of Shufflers, who scored and easy TD. Serewers were able to equalize, despite the perfect defense and Blitz! in next drive gave them an option to go to lead. Failed pick-up on 2+ buried it.
The second half started with hard pushing Shufflers, who picked-up the ball despite sprinkler malfunction. Their werewolf stumbled in TD zone on GFI with RR and gave Praagites second opportunity to win the match. Again rats were not able to pickup the ball with SH due to sprinkler malfunction and Sheffilediens scored well deserved TD.
Still plenty of time with 2 turns, Shufllers Blitz! ruined that
and Praag Sewers finished fourth in this season!

Good experience for final rounds in the next season!

Sheffield Shufflers - Praag Sewers (W.C.L. S4, 3rd Place)

Thanks for the game and the season!
- MatCer
Nov. 18th, 2018
WCL S4 - Semi Final
vs Hellmouth Demons

1st half 0:0
2nd half 0:1

Sewers entered Valley of tears

Praag Sewers entered their first semi final against chaos dwarfs supported by bunch of random events cards.
Praagites started on defence, although Demons were not able to pick up the ball for the nearly whole first half, the ball was always well secured and they made a couple of cas and KOds on Sewers side.
The second half might be expected to show better part of Praagites, their players were probably nervous, as they could not dodge properly and took heavy loses by Demons, who secured the ball and their victory by scoring one touch down.
Poor performance from Praagites, shame on them!

Praag Sewers - Hellmouth Demons (W.C.L. S4, Semi Finals)

Thanks for the game!
- MatCer
Oct. 27th, 2018 - old news
WCL S4 - Quarter Final
vs Pyramid Schemers

1st half 1:0
2nd half 1:1

One turn touch down!

Praag Sewers has finally experienced sweet taste of final rounds, facing Khemri team with abundant resources of mighty blow.
Praagites started receiving, excited fans got the referee and Sewers rolled two skulls at their very first roll on their 1st turn. What a start!
A touch down was scored in the 4th round and Pyramid Schemers were looking for revenge. Cherishing Praag fans caused riot, one turn was lost. The turn Schemers desperately need to equalise in the first half. What a relief!
The second half started with even bigger pressure from Schemers, they killed poor linerat, injured a couple of line skavens, KODed both blitzers and made their way to score in their 8th turn without troubles. Praagites burned all their rerolls by 3rd turn, nevertheless Khmeri players were missing tackle skill greatly, so all gutter runners remained unscratched. What is more, both blitzers came back from KOD bench.
A cunning plan was invented to score one turn touch down. The fans were obviously not aware of that and caused another riot, prolonging the game by one more turn (second riot in a favour of Praagites - they have the best fans!).
It's hard to stop already planned game tactics, so Sewers executed OTTD flawlessly, with still one turn remaining so they could enjoy fans standing ovation and Khemri fists and boots in the final turn!
What a game, Nuffle and Praag fans be praised!

Praag Sewers - Pyramid Schemers (W.C.L. S4, Quarter Finals)

Thanks for the game!
- MatCer
Oct. 16th, 2018 - old news
WCL S4 - 8th round
vs Dead Fungus

1st half 1:2
2nd half 2:1

No defense!

The eight round brought us relaxed game, Praag Sewers are already in play-off, Orcs are already out. Green creatures started with swift offense and scored early, leaving skavens a plenty of time to equalise.
Praagites were overconfident when receiving, Fungus were able to secure the ball and score their second touch down via counter strike. Harsh times for Praagites! Luckily Sewers came back and minimise the difference in their last turn.
The second half was very similar, both teams played pathetic defense, Praagites equalise again in their last turn.
Fan club of defensive BB threw a rock twice on Praag players
What a match!

P.S. Praag Seweres suffered 6 touch downs in their last two "proper" games, more than five games before. This brings some serious concern to the management.

Praag Sewers - Dead Fungus (W.C.L. S4, Round 8)

Thanks for the game!
- MatCer
Tournaments played:
W.C.L.: S3, W.C.L. S4
Playing in:
W.C.L. Season 5
Trophies won:
WCL: W.C.L.: S3, W.C.L. S4


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